How Design is Like a Crossword Puzzle

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Great Design

(like a good crossword puzzle)

  • Satisfies with that “Aha” moment
  • Fits in a grid
  • Plays with symbols, metaphors and themes
  • Draws on every area of knowledge and experience
  • Organizes chaos
  • Reveals unexpected connections and meanings
  • Takes creative thought
  • Takes logical thought
  • Requires organization
  • Fits the pieces together within a set of rules (the scope of the work)
  • Can be clever or surprising
  • Demands attention to detail and accuracy
  • Invigorates the mind

Great Design

(unlike a crossword puzzle)

  • Communicates
  • Informs, persuades, inspires, and moves
  • Uses the power of imagery to communicate beyond words
  • Uses hierarchy and emphasis to focus attention
  • Can break the grid